Understanding What Is a Blog?

Now if someone had asked me what a blog was a year ago my answer would not only lack the experience and knowledge that I have grasped over the last year but it would also portray a very different answer.

One year ago my answer would have been something like this. That a blog is a web page or collection of pages where a user displays and shares information on there own personal life, tastes and interests. They may use the page to keep in contact with other friends or to create new friends with the same interests. However this would be the main use of a blog, targeted and designed for these uses no one would have imagined that in months to come a blog would be created every second and the number of blogs would double every five months.

In just one year I feel blogs have evolved, adapted to changes in the world and business. They have progressed and developed in to a simplistic foundation of choices and design, where users with little or no knowledge can create a page to display an array of different interests and tastes that they would like to share with others. This can be done in 5 minutes through the evolution of blogs, you need not spend any money and little time is wasted. This simplicity gives a whole new meaning to the word blog.

Today, my view of a blog has been totally transformed from what was a personal page for users to keep in contact with other friends and create friends with the same interests. Blogs are now being used by almost everyone for very different purposes, some still using blogs for the traditional purpose. However many taking advantage of the simplicity and improved aesthetics, that they use blogs for their business to keep customers updated, forums, personal interests, financial gains and many more.

So why are so many people using blogs?

Blogs are rising in popularity due to the flexibility that they offer, the choices and options that are now available to promote and advertise blogs through social networks by the click of a button.

The 5 minute set up process and need not for a domain name or hosting. The vast amount of templates and themes which are aesthetically pleasing and offer users everything they need. The range of plug-ins available and the ease of implementing these plug-ins.

The hype that has been created with the use of blogs has made them an accessory and a fad. This has increased the popularity of blogs and I feel they have been a knock on effect of the increase popularity in social networking sites.

However most importantly I think the main reason that blogs are rising in popularity each and every minute is due to human nature and the need to express one’s self. This can be done effectively and efficiently with the use of a blog, you can set up and have written a post in under 5 minutes expressing your self in anyway you want. The internet allows everyone the right of freedom of speech and blogs make this effortless.

So what is a blog?

This is a very hard definition to pin point, with the amount of uses a blog has and evolution that it has created.

Overall in my opinion a blog is:

“A simplistic, revolutionary website which allows users to effortlessly express them selves, share their knowledge and advice throughout the internet, they adapt and evolve to meet the needs of the present.”

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